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Charity Stickers

In race terms, for me there is no bigger challenge than racing in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man still holds the greatest road races in the world, nothing compares to a race over a lap of 37.75 miles on a circuit that runs from sea level to over 1000 feet in gradient and with over 200 corners. It is still the ultimate competitive challenge for two wheels.

Few realise that the races are supported by an army of volunteer medical staff who tend to the racers who are unlucky enough to not stay upright. All of the equipment and transport they use is paid for by charitable donations through the Rob Vine Fund.

The medical support provided to racers is coordinated through Motorsport Medical Services and they perform truly exceptional work to keep these brave road racers patched up.

You can assist by making a direct donation to the Rob Vine Fund here:

Alternatively you can buy one of the following stickers knowing that 100% of the profit from these items is donated to the Rob Vine Fund and you also show your support for some of the past greats of racing by displaying the sticker on your bike, helmet or anywhere else!

So, buy one of the following today and make sure you support the brave gladiators who come to do battle in the last great road races on on any image to see a larger version.

Marco Simoncelli memorial number “58” 65 x 80mm in red vinyl.

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Ducati tribute to Marco Simoncelli 150 x 16mm in red vinyl

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Joey Dunlop memorial helmet 80 x 65mm in yellow/black vinyl

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Shoya Tomizawa memorial number “48” 113 x 65mm in red on black vinyl

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Dan Wheldon memorial number 77” 103 x 65mm in fluo orange on black vinyl

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