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Sound Porn

Well the title says it all really - inspired by Mr Paul Holden’s love of the loud, here is a sample of loud things, two wheeled and otherwise for your aural the picture to play.

The 1969 Hishiki-Sumiya Honda CR750 lives

1995 Ducati 888 SP5, sold in 2002, regretted it ever since

2008 Vyrus 985, c3 4v Reventon, Ducati 999R powered exotica, one of 25 ever built, burbling through black ceramic Zard exhausts

1988 Ducati 851 Kit World Superbike Homologation full factory race bike for the road - N0. 206 of 206

Moriwaki VTR Honda Stage 3 British Superbike. It’s one and only start under my ownership, now long gone.

Moriwaki Spondon VTR Stage 2 British Superbike, my favourite race bike ever. Now owned by a a Yeti!

Ducati D16 RR Desmosedici. The road going version of the 2006 GP bike, enough to make your ears bleed.

An FRR bbq and Jess’s mini-moto, back from the dead

Sound effects of the four wheeled variety - my old 2006 Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 V8, 404bhp of Ferrari engined loveliness...wish I still had her.

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