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Race Bikes

A pictorial history of the bikes I have owned over the years. There’s not many of these I don’t regret selling so I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I do.

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Detail on some of the machines can be found on the Technical Data page...

Previous Race Bikes

Ducati 250 Mark III 1967
Now in a private collection in Devon

Side view


Oulton Park - National Classic championships (12th)

RS250 Hondas
All with new race owners

1993 RS250 at Aintree 1999

1995 RS250

1998 RS250

1985 581cc Ikuzawa Honda (5th 1994 TT)
Being converted to a road bike by new owner



Rear - note narrow width

Factory Moriwaki Stage 3 Superbike Endurance racer
Just sold to new lucky owner. See how he’s getting on here...

British and Australian Superbike history, ridden by Jim Moodie and Gus Scott. One of Only two genuine stage 3 factory Moriwaki racers in the world.



Honda Britain Stage 2 Factory Moriwaki VTR

 Just sold to a lucky new owner and total Moriwaki nut!

Factory Superbike, stage 2 tuned, ex-Honda Britain

See it running and its specification by clicking HERE

VTR at Mallory Oct 17th 1999

VTR shots

1973 50cc Kreidler Van Veen GP bike
Now owned by  ex-70’s GP rider Arthur Lawn



Top - note extreme slim bike with knee rests

1974 50cc Minarelli
Now owned and raced in Holland





1972 Honda CB350 K4 racer “Albert”
Written off in a race highside





1972 497cc Black Bomber “Elsie”
New owner is planning to race it with the CRMC

Click HERE for all the details.

Left - naked

Right - naked

Left - with fairing

Right - with fairing


1969 Honda CR750 Hishiki Sumiya replica
New owner is aiming to race it at Daytona!



Three quarter view

CB600 Honda Hornet
Converted back to a road bike by new owner

Chrysalis Tigcraft BMW 650 Superono - ex. Dave Morris
Sold to a guy who died and later sold again at Bonhams

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