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Paddock Personalities

This page is dedicated to the mad few, those magnificent men & women on their flying machines, who help make the atmosphere in the race paddock, something to enjoy. Not all necessarily race, but here's a few bits and pieces to highlight the people who add to the enjoyment.

All pictures are thumbnailed so click to see the full ugly truth. If you know which of the desperados you want to see, choose a name from the following list...


Paul Holden

Dean Martin

Vic Lawton

Paul Eatwell




Paul heading for the start line on his CB500. Mallory park 1999



Paul doing his bit for Anglo German relations with Elfie


Practising for Mastermind in the IOM


Name:Paul Holden

A.K.A.:"Flymo", "Stumpy H", "Beer Monster", “Tart”

Class(es):CB500 retired to one horse power riding......on a horse!

Race Info:Paul started off looking to join me racing a single cylinder but after testing a prospective purchase to destruction (over-revved tsk tsk!) he settled on the CB500. He completed his first full season in 1999 and finished 8th overall in the New Era CB500 Cup despite missing a few rounds due to holidays of course. Paul is a wet weather specialist which gave him his first trophies at Pembrey with an impressive 1st and 2nd in the CB500 and overall 6th in the Sound of Thunder class despite being on second start. Paul does however have a tendency a la Carlos Checca to go over the grass for the odd excursion earning him his nickname of Flymo!

Other Info:Paul is still, even at his age, a complete party animal and can go for days at a time with no sleep but lots of beer. Paul likes female company to say the least (Nuff said!) which is where his other nickname comes in, although these days I think he’s been finally tamed by lovely partner Val.

Paul rides a CB900 Hornet on the road and is slowly chopping it up to “streetfighter” it. He's also famous for carrying on the 1998 12 Moon salute in Douglas to show his little man off. Unfortunately no photographic evidence is available of this momentous occasion as nobody had a telephoto lens powerful enough to capture the event!



Dean in action on the Padgett's RS250 Honda in the Manx GP 1999

Manx GP2000 on Jim Moodie's TT RS250 Padgetts Honda and Junior race pictures from Ballacrye. Dean showing his moto-crossing roots by getting on top of the bike to shove it back down for the blast down to Quarry Bends


Signpost corner in the IOM Manx GP 2000. Nice angle of dangle!


Name:Dean Martin


Class(es):All of them! Now concentrating on 250, classics and post classics

Race Info:Dean has had a long and varied race career. Starting out in National Motocross, a bad wrist break put paid to further glory. So, Dean turned to the “much safer” sport of road racing and several years on he's a regular at the Manx GP and frequent top ten finisher in the lightweight class on his Padgett's RS250 Honda. Dean did try National 125 racing a few years back but due to a fondness for Becks Beer and Lancashire Pies he gave up when he started chafing his bum cheeks on the back wheel.

Other Info:Deano is now an IOM resident with his own 18 hole golf course. He's well known for the biking equivalent of the fishermans tale which led to his own Disco routine - Doin' the Deano, spending several hours on the toilet and for the strange pursed lips expression he has when he's angry. There is a rumour that his powers of persuasion are so great he actually managed to get Peter Padgett to buy a round of drinks but there is no-one left alive to corroborate this mythical story. Dean does a great impression of the flowerpot men when he’s had a few pints and has his flobberdobber hat handy.

Vic at the NW200 1999 with his BSA Spitfire. Note the huge bag of tools on the tank and Vic's trademark purple waterproofs which he never ever takes off!


Name:Vic Lawton

A.K.A.:"Cumberland", "Harley Man"

Race Info:Vic has never raced officially but he's no slouch on the road!

Other Info:Vic loves old bikes and tinkering. He can tell a genuine Borani wheel purely by the casting marks and it's these anorak tendencies that make him value for money at any gathering. His Spitfire shown here was sold to make way for an R1 and that went eventually to leave him with a Harley and one of those ugly Buell models. Vic makes anything you care to think of in plastic and can talk for ever - get in touch if you need a plastic thingummy making! He's a top bloke, now often seen in public with a Dotty Bird!

Paul amusing himself on a hill!




Youngest son Dominic when he used to be little.


Name:Paul Eatwell & Sons Nathanial and Dominic

A.K.A.:"Inky Pinky", Monsieur Mangebien

Other Info: Paul, Nat and Dominic have been regular supporters at my local race events. Paul's comments follow.... Paul (Dad) - ex boy racer - you know, the usual thing! GT 250, expansion boxes, K&Ns, skimmed heads (and knees and knuckles) followed by Brit bike flirtation with Triumph twins and old BSAs. First went racing in order to try and amuse the kids and have some fun at the same time. Lo and behold managed both!!
Nat - Aspiring DJ and apprentice brick outhouse to the old man. Comment on the way home from Aintree - "Dad, when can I get a bike" - Thanks Simon!
Dominic - No longer the little lad with an engaging smile and a sharp stick, now bigger than the Harlequins prop forwards!. Comment on the way back from Aintree - "Dad that Simon and his motorcycle, they smell funny".

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