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CR750 Resource Page

In building my own CR750 replica, it became apparent to me that the knowledge to build these machines is held by relatively few people and it is protected very strongly. That means that setting out to build a CR750 replica, you can’t find all of the information and parts that you need to complete the build in reasonable timeframes. It takes a lot of research and effort to achieve a good result.
I’ve taken my experiences to create a resource page that will allow you to source a small selection of items useful to you as a CR750 builder. Details can be found below:

Part (click to enlarge)


CR750 Replica Works exhaust system

Replica Honda CR750 4 into 4 open megaphone exhaust system in mild steel. These exhausts are patterned off a set of genuine works exhausts and are the only ones I’ve found that include seams and rolled lips to the megaphones. They come as shown so that you can choose to make bolt up collars to join the megas to headers for ease of dismantling or weld the two together to create four long pipes once fitted to your application. They will also require a small bracket welding on to each megaphone to suit your particular frame configuration. The sound off these is just awesome. Limited batches are available so lead times can be long as these are bespoke made items. Estimated despatch 4-16 weeks from ordering.

Postage locations

CR750 Petrol Tank Chin Pad

Foam chin pad approximately 10mm thick to fit exactly in the petrol tank top recess. This is designed to fit works replica tank copies and is self adhesive for easy application. Estimated despatch  time 7 days after ordering.

chin pad

CR750 Daytona Decal Set

Replica Honda CR750 Daytona complete sticker set, comprising front number plate with optional black edging, fairing number panels with stripe, tank stripes and mudguard stripes. Includes white Honda fairing and set decals with Dick Mann (or Tommy Robb) screen name - as featured on the 2006 VJMC award winning CR750!  Fits replica Daytona fairings - may require minor trimming. Estimated despatch time 7 days after ordering.

CR750 pack

Works RC/CR Tank decals

One pair of Classic Honda wings as used on the tanks of works racers. This best seller was seen on 250, 350 and 500 works racers. Size: 110 x 60mm approx. Estimated despatch  time 7 days after ordering.


Works RC/CR Fairing Flashes

Replica Honda works fairing flashes in bright yellow. Pair of fairing flashes as used on the original works colours and reproduced on some CR750 replicas. Come with a pair of "HONDA" words for the full works effect. 800mm in length, post free. Estimated despatch  time 7 days after ordering.

RC flashes

CR750 47 tooth 520 rear race alloy sprocket

47 tooth x 520 or 530 custom made rear alloy racing sprocket sprocket bolts to fit the magnesium 2LS works replica CR750 rear hub to allow you to run a 520 chain or 530 standard chain. This custom sprocket is best used with our stainless sprocket bolts above for the ideal fit. Other numbers of teeth available on request. Estimated despatch time 21 days from ordering.

520 sprocket

CR750 braided steel oil line set

Three custom oil lines with performance braided steel hoses and chrome end clamps. The lines connect the CR750 race oil tank to the engine, engine up to the front mounted oil cooler and oil cooler back to the CR750 oil tank return flow. Requires original standard hoses for the engine boss fittings, CR750 race oil tank (Bartel or Mead Speed) and CR750 oil cooler (Mead Speed). Estimated despatch time 21 days from ordering.

oil lines

CR750 replica RC Honda bar grips

Pair of replica RC Honda race handlebar grips with open ends to fit on race clip on. These are replicas of the works grips. Estimated despatch time 1 week from ordering.

RC grips

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